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NUMOA donates proceeds above expenses to wonderful causes every year. This year we have selected ABBY DOMAN as our recipient. Abby is a 12 year old young lady, lives in St. George with her mom, and older brother and sister. In May 2011, Abby passed out while running during a gym class. Her heart stopped! After being miraculously revived and transported to Primary Children’s Medical Center, Abby was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Her heart was enlarged so much that it couldn’t contract appropriately. The only treatment is a heart transplant. Abby received her new heart in July. Amazingly she was out of the hospital in only ten days! She is recovering very nicely in Salt Lake at a rented home where she can remain near the hospital until her doctors have deemed her well enough to go back home to St. George which will probably be about November. This causes great hardship for her family as her mother is with her in Salt Lake and had to take time off work.  The siblings remain in St. George going to school. Additionally, are the enormous costs of the surgery and recovery process. Insurance does not cover all the bills and expenses!  Abby takes over 30 pills a day! NUMOA wants to help ease their burden! You can read Abby’s whole story and progress via her blog at It’s worth reading!

Be an “Abby Angel.” We are accepting donations at any time, and you can donate via a Paypal link on the NUMOA website.

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We believe as Mustang owners and club members we have been blessed to be able to have toys and play. We want to help those going through difficult times through no fault of their own. 

Pay it Forward, Karma – all that kind of good stuff!


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